About Us

The Elizabeth Green Foundation is working for Rural development, and Poverty Alleviation by providing Solar Energy in Rural and Marginalised areas in Africa.  We help people that do not have access to clean, reliable and sustainable energy.

Rural areas have less infrastructure; therefore, making access to power and lighting more difficult and costlier. Solar provides the power for many of these applications at a fraction of the cost to bring in the required power, especially with the cost of solar decreasing at a rapid rate.
Solar LED lighting solutions can be easily integrated into these rural areas to provide light in locations that need it most. Dark intersections, pathways, parks, signs, and other applications can all be illuminated by solar LED lights and don’t have to rely on the grid power.

By providing lighting in rural areas, there is an increase in Safety and Security. This is especially true in public spaces and along roadways. By increasing the security by providing power for lighting, and even other applications such as security cameras, there will be a reduced rate of crime. This can also have a great effect on residences quality of life.